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Pumpkin - A Wholesome Snack For Dogs

Pumpkin's distinctive bright orange color clearly indicates that is an excellent source for your dog of that important antioxidant called Beta-Carotene. Research has shown that people, dogs have been lately included in many scientific researches as well within this topic, who eat a diet rich in Beta-carotene are less likely to develop cancers than those who fail to include it in their diets. Pumpkin dog treats or have pumpkin in your dog diet is an excellent form to help your dog increase the intake of beta-carotene. Also pumpkin are good for dogs since is a high source of fiber that can help dogs with problems of constipation and diarrhea.

What is Beta-Carotene ?

Beta-carotene is a red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits, especially carrots and colorful vegetables. The name beta-carotene comes from the Greek beta and Latin carota (carrot). Beta-carotene is a pro-vitamin that is converted to Vitamin A in the body. This helps the body in its process of regeneration, slowing down the aging process. Pumpkin pulp contains vitamins, especially pro-vitamin A, vitamins E and C, salts and minerals, carbon hydrates, and proteids. The seeds contain oil, proteids, resines and enzymes with antihelmintic properties. Vitamin A is needed for healthy skin and mucus membranes. It is also known for its immune boosting properties and essential for eye health and vision and has also been linked to preventing heart diseases in dogs.

How is pumpkin good dogs

It is rich in fiber and dogs need fiber in their diet. The current trend is towards highly digestible diets that lower stool volume and this is not necessarily a good thing. Keeping the GI tract moving helps keep the cells lining the gut healthy. One cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin contains 3 grams of fiber, or roughly 11 per cent of your recommended daily intake of fiber. Pumpkin seeds also contain some fiber, about 1.1 g in 28 gm of seeds.You can consume boiled, roasted or baked pumpkin. You can also use pumpkin as a major ingredient in soup, breads and pies. Pumpkin is a great home remedy for a constipated pet because of pumpkin's fiber content and pumpkin dog treats have great taste.

Vitamin A, which is converted from the beta-carotene is a key nutrient for helping promoting bone growth, keeping the dog immune system strong and maintaining a vigorous reproductive system. Half a cup of canned pumpkin - don't be afraid to use it, since is good and healthy as the fresh. Only if it is pure canned pumpkin not pie filling, it has 953 mg of vitamin A and only 42 calories and that vitamin A comes in the form of beta carotene.

Pumpkin are good and has been used for both dog weight loss and to help with an upset stomach or diarrhea in dogs. To assist in dog weight loss cut the appropriate amount of dry dog food by 1/3 and add pumpkin to it. Their will feel just as full, and will provide additional flavor that your dog love.

In other words....

Pumpkin dog treats and biscuits are a tail wagging treat that is actually good dog's health. Good nutrition coupled with a health care program may result in extending your dog’s life by as much as 15 percent.

*The suggestions above are not meant to replace your dog’s normal, balanced diet. Rather, they are ideas for alternative treats or for adding a little variety to your dog’s meals.