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Are all antioxidants supplements used in your snacks/food safe for my dog?

We only use antioxidant supplements with the highest quality we can possible find.

We as ,-pet parents-, know and are constantly educating ourselves on how important good antioxidants are and what a huge impact they can make when used correctly as a supplement for any dog's balanced diet. All of the antioxidants, live probiotic cultures, & supplements we use have been researched by scientists for many years and are very well-known in the scientific community for their positive achieved results in promoting longevity. They are now a breakthrough in science and are also added to the best products in the dog's food industry.

The reason we've come up with this idea of adding them as an "extra help" or -“nutritional boost” as we'd like to call it- is because we know how much dogs love treats and they need something smart healthy, nutrition but at the same time still very tasty to eat. The additional cost will be all worth it, when you see your dog showing signs of being healthier and more active. You will actually save in the end, because you'll reduce trips to the vet and be able to enjoy the quality company of your pet for many years to come.

Can my dog really consume all kinds of fruits and veggies?

Dogs benefit from fruits and vegetables very similar as humans do. However, they process them - digest- a little different and there a few exceptions.

Almost all fruits and veggies are safe with some exceptions such as onions, avocados and grapes which are harmful for dogs. Veggies can contribute wonders to your dog's health, they need a good balanced diet that supply all the nutrients needed to reduce the risk of illnesses. Almost all fruits and vegetables contain a large percentage of water, which is just one more reason why to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your dog's diet.

All of the ingredients in our dog snacks include a variety of ‘antioxidant-packed’ fruits and veggies all safe for dogs and that are all-natural, fresh as if you'd hand-picked them yourself at the local farmers market for your family, grown right here in the USA with No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO's (short for-shudder- genetically modified organisms).

What are ‘antioxidant blends’ and why are they included in the snacks/food?

Antioxidant blends are extremely ‘powerful extracts’ of the most well known antioxidants that combined together into all our line of snacks/food gives them some sort of a ‘boost power’. They vary depending on the line or category you are purchasing.

How are the antioxidant's blends used in Puppy Yummy snacks/food?

We use different antioxidants supplements or ‘antioxidant blends’ in all our products.

All of the antioxidants blends we use are very well known in the scientific community and have been researched for many years with many positive results in promoting longevity and well-being.

The Anti-Aging line of snacks for example uses a combination of three different antioxidants; Resveratrol, Pomegranate, and Quercetin, to boost longevity and energy in your dog and make the treat even healthier, but still very tasty.

Also, the Heart-Health line of snacks uses Resveratrol only to isolate the benefits that this antioxidant by itself provides on preventing heart disease and combining it with fruits and veggies with high antioxidant activity that will provide the highest benefits for a healthy heart. Finally, in the Skin & Coat line of snacks we use Omega-3 and other healthy ‘fats’ as the main supplement combined with fruits and veggies with high concentration of fatty acids.


Yes, they are vegan!

PRODUCTs / faq

How are Puppy Yummy snacks/food fresher than the other traditional dog products?

Our dog snacks are out-of-this-world fresh.

Our dog snacks/food use 100% Human Grade Ingredients -*even though they taste super delicious , they are meant for your dog not for you -*. This only means we use the same standards that are used for human edible food ; cleanliness, sanitation . We don’t use any fillers, artificial preservatives, glycerin, corn , or soy -or any other weird words/ingredients that you cannot pronounce or need the use of a dictionary - not rocket science here- We want you to feel confident when making a choice in your dog’s diet- just like you when you make for yourself-!

Puppy Yummy snacks/food are gently cooked (but still fully cooked NOT raw) which means they are less processed than traditional dog products found in the dog food industry, as a result a dog treat that is soft and extremely fresh. This process was specifically crafted and put in place to keep the moisture of the snack/food in its right place. By doing this, we make sure the integrity and benefits of the wholesome ingredients we use, -including the unique antioxidant blends & live probiotic cultures-, are kept intact inside the product. For instance, they MUST be kept refrigerated and used within 3 days -or less- of opening to preserve its freshness.

Keeping them fresh is one of the Puppy Yummy's promise -the reason we are in this industry-. At Puppy Yummy, Inc we made it our main priority to provide the freshest, healthiest, and most unique dog snack/food found in the market. Also, we have as a philosophy ‘dogs deserve fresh and extremely healthy food’ alternatives that are always real food just like we humans prefer. Puppy Yummy snacks are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality standards , with only the best, all-natural, 100% human-grade ingredients and with NO artificial preservatives or artificial colors added -nothing artificial- and we are kit just saying that, we mean it!When buying Puppy Yummy snacks/food you can rest assured your dog is receiving the freshest treat possible.

What is the reason that Puppy Yummy snacks/food have to be kept refrigerated?

Puppy Yummy snacks are less processed than the other traditional (dry) dog treats in the market and as a result have shorter shelf life. Which also means they are fresher like any other perishable/fresh human good that has to be kept inside the fridge. Our snacks/food are not exposed to high temperatures for longer periods of time that will only damage the integrity of the simple but healthy ingredients we use, by extracting all the moisture out and this way provide longer shelf life, THAT simply was not our goal.

The simple but wholesome and nutritious ingredients we use, made us rethink and reimagine different ways to provide exceptional fresh dog snacks/food, healthfully cooked to guarantee that all those benefits were kept inside the product after the manufacturing process and that way guarantee the best performance of the unique antioxidant blends we also ‘add-on’ in all our line of products. By doing this, we are able to fulfill our promise to all awesome dogs out there in the whole wide world!

How do I know if the food/snacks are safe when they arrive?

As long as one pack is still partially frozen and all packs are cold to the touch, theyʼre safe to feed and keep them in the fridge if they will be consumed within 48 hours or to refreeze!

SERVICEs / faq

How do shipments work? how long does it take for my online order to be processed?

We currently ship nationwide to the 48 contiguous states. Once we receive an order , we process and ship out in a timely manner. Usually, within 2-3 business days and it takes around 2 days to arrive at your door -It depends on the shipping option chosen at checkout-. On holidays, please allow the next business day for your order to be processed. When an order is in transit, you’ll see its tracking link appear and can keep an eye on the anticipated delivery date. Customers receive deliveries of our freshly prepared food/snacks on a recurring and flexible basis, if preferable. Our food comes in convenient serving packs to make feeding easy. Your pup’s food arrives in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes that keep the food safe.

How do subscriptions work?

If you always want to have Puppy Yummy food/snacks on hand, you can choose to subscribe and have your products sent to you on a recurring basis. You simply choose which products you would like to receive, how often you want to receive them, and then get 10% off each order that goes through. If you want to change delivery frequency or cancel your subscription completely you can do so at any time through your online account. If you have any issues with this, just reach out to us and we can take care of that for you.

How can I find my tracking information?

We send an email notification with the order information when is placed and a tracking confirmation for each order when it ships out.

If I am dissatisfied with my order, what should I do?

We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offer refunds and/or replacements. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order/products, please reach out to us within 30 days of purchase through our Contact Us page. We may request from you the following: description of the product, reasons for not being satisfied, and photos of product and packaging. We want to hear your feedback!

I ordered my Puppy Yummy food/snacks over a week ago, and they still aren’t here what do I do?

Please email info@puppyyummy.com and we’d be happy to assist you and check your order for you. Typically, orders are processed within 2-3 business days and shipping usually takes 1-3 days.