Fru+ve © Toppers Pumpkin + Carrots
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FRU+VE© TOPPERS are a smart, nutritious, tasty, convenient, ready to treat and fresh from the fridge dog snacks. A cup of FRU+VE© TOPPERS is handcrafted, made with 100%, pure, real, fresh fruits and veggies pureed and blended together for perfection. It contains an exclusive live probiotic culture which no other regular dog treat has, in other words, they are out of this world delicious! Did you know? Dogs cannot properly digest raw fruits and vegetables (-Test Yourself- look at your dog's poop sometimes and you'll see some veggies in the poop coming out almost the same exact way like when they where going in) simply because they cannot efficiently break down the cellulose found in them. Which, in other words, basically means they won't benefit much from its phytonutrients, antioxidants cancer fighting properties, vitamins and minerals. There is a simple solution simply blend and puree fruits and veggies together into a mixer and ta-da! FRU+VE© TOPPERS are a smart snack for the busy pet parent out there because they provide the convenience of doing all the hard work for you. In addition, it contains more than just fruits and veggies blended together, it also has an exclusive live probiotic that makes it the perfect treat.




Adding FRU+VE© TOPPERS regularly as part of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can help dogs
  • Enhance their Immune Defense System
  • Restore Vitamin and Nutrient Absorption Capacity from their Diet to Keep them Healthy
  • Help Maintain Normal Intestinal Health and Balance
  • Help Relieve Constipation and Diarrhea

Use as a tasty food topper directly from the fridge or frozen for those hot summer days! As a snack, nutritional boost, or to dissolve those hard-to-give to your dog pills and medicine you get from the vet from time to time. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Keep refrigerated. Consume within 3 days after opening.

Organic Pumpkins
Organic Carrots
Vitamin C supplement
Live Probiotic Culture
(Pediococcous Acidilactici)


Crude Protein (MIN) 1.6%
Crude Fat (MIN) 0.33%
Crude Fiber (MAX) 2.4%
Moisture 79%
Calorie Content (Calculated) 64 (kcal) per serving
Vitamin C (mg) 549 per serving

SERVING SIZE 3 fl oz Number of Servings: 1

*Puppy Yummy Inc. toppers are less processed than traditional dog treats, however, they are fresh but NOT raw . They are gently cooked so there is no risk of harmful bacteria. Our dog treats contain no artificial preservatives and are made of all fresh and natural ingredients. To ensure freshness and guarantee best performance of the high-quality antioxidant blends and healthy ingredients we use, they MUST be refrigerated and use within 3 days of opening.

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