Puppy Yummy Mia

Our Story

Mia is a beagle -Yes, she is active and playful and will eat very much if you let her =) – From the moment I got her when she was only one month old, I wanted to give her the best and everything I could, so I went to a dog store and packed myself - I mean my poor dog- with many different treats. That is what you are suppose to do when you have a puppy aren't you? I didn't know any better; as a result she was getting very chubby until I figured something wasn't quite right so I actually started reading the labels of all those treats I was giving her. The list of the different ingredients names was endless. I was stunned with all of those strange names I found and yet I couldn't even pronounce - trust me it wasn't because of my accent ;)- literally they were very difficult . That is when I said no! no! no! I love living a healthy lifestyle myself, so why is my dog not living it with me? Why am I giving a treat to my pup whose ingredients are much unknown to me? It wasn't very fair with my dog so , I decided to make a change on Mia's eating habits especially the treats , which were the ones she was eating the most throughout the day.

I decided to jump into a very difficult but special task and it was to look for the best treats for my pup- I was decided to find it- and make a change in my dog's life. It wasn't easy and yet couldn't find what I wanted after months searching. When I started researching about the topic the obsession turned into a passion to find the perfect healthy treat for Mia that combined it all, so I decided to do it myself and why not?. I combined my love of cooking and searching for new exciting recipes to create a healthier option as a snack for my dog. We traveled the world to speak to knowledgeable people to find the perfect healthy recipes combinations. We hired a chef in France to help us perfect our recipes. The love, the idea, the determination and passion were the path to make it happen.

We were determined to make something very original, extremely healthy, fresh and very tasty that will surely combine different elements we found to be key for an optimal dog's health through the research. In addition to that, something that will give us the confidence we were looking for, which was giving not only for my dog but also for most dogs out there in the “YummyBiscuitLand” :) a real, healthy snack, one tasty enough that we would even eat ourselves and the one we could be confident about.

That was the idea and it became a reality when Puppy Yummy was born. My first official taster was Mia-of course- and she loved them, when we were cooking them the kitchen had a really delicious smell. My family and friends couldn't believe they were actually dog biscuits so they decided to try them themselves and guess what- they loved them too :). Soon I realized I did make a change in my dog's life and my friends started asking me to do them also for their dogs. It sounds pretty easy- doesn't it? - , but it wasn't. It took a lot of work. However, when I see the happiness of Mia and the other dogs whenever we are at an event and we give them a Puppy Yummy treat and their tails are wagging very excited because they want more that makes us feel really proud of what we are doing for every dog that enjoys our treats. Also, it makes us feel very happy knowing what it is inside the bag , what she is really eating and what is the treat being made off- all real, healthy ingredients- and that we are contributing to a much more healthy eating lifestyle for our pup and other pups in puppy-land =) . It gives us the strength to keep going and all the frustrations, sweat and tears all worth it.

After all of that, we've come up with a very healthy dog biscuit with simple and healthy ingredients that not only uses all the benefits of antioxidant-packed fruits and veggies-that work wonders for dogs too- but also has an "extra help" from the purest and highest quality antioxidant's extracts we could possible find that will make them even healthier but still really tasty and very unique on their flavor. Also, we divided them into 3 different categories to maximize the benefits that each group of fruits & veggies provide to the dog's healthy lifestyle and to make it easy for pet parents to find what they needed the most. We hope all of you special pups out there enjoy our extremely healthy and fresh dog treats.

With Love,

Puppy Yummy, Mia and Jennifer

P.S Mia is still being very playful and barks a lot that hasn't change any suggestions? :)