100% pure, real & fresh

Puppy Yummy Inc. We are a group of passionate humans just like you whose love for our dogs exceeded conventional thinking and we decided to get together and rethink the way we were feeding our dogs. Our founder back in the day realized there were lots of room for improvement and started experimenting with a considerable amount of long nights researching pet nutrition, simple recipes, common sense, and wholesome & pure ingredients that will give that very well needed peace of mind of what she felt and experienced with her dog -Mia- (the reason for Puppy Yummy, Inc. to even exist, her legacy) was missing. With wellness in mind we embarked on this rewarding mission and extraordinary experience trying new things, learning from failure, traveling to other places of the world to learn from the experts and to perfection recipes because after all 'we shouldn't be the only ones in the family eating pure food that is both nutritious and fresh', she said. We taste-test them with our own pets and for the love of dogs then it became our true mission and purpose in life to once and for all add more flavorful, healthy and colorful food choices in any dog's diet (our motto too) that is well balanced for them (of course, they deserve all of that work) and that their humans were actually excited to buy, for all dogs out there in this awesome world.


We started experimenting with a bit of science, simple ingredients (that you don't need a dictionary to understand) + simple recipes and of course lots of love in our own home kitchen in Orlando, FL. Where we prepared the same quality food for us the humans every day and that gave us as a result of a complete Yummy-Healthy and Colorful line of products that are completely fresh from the fridge dog food, with the same uncompromising quality standards as our first home-cooked batch in other words; how nature and God intended.


A complete line of refrigerated food products meant for dogs (even though we cannot promise the humans will insist on eating them too) with wellness boosters never seen before in the industry and with quality and safety standards that exceed by far those established by AAFCO.
We do small batches to maintain high-quality standards that exceed those industry standards for dogs in place by AAFCO, we use only real, pure and simple ingredients, guided by science, 100% human edible but nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs (although we can't promise you'll want to eat it too), slow-cooked for perfection, we are very meticulous with all of our food preparation processes that is why our food is made in kitchens where only human food is produced.

Because We Care!

Made with Love & a bit of Science