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What are Puppy Yummy dog treats really made off?

Our treats are only made from the highest quality ingredients.

Puppy Yummy dog biscuits use only all-natural ingredients, organic, human-grade, fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here in the USA and also hand-picked from local farmers market. All of the ingredients we use, you can pronounce because we believe that 'simplicity' is what provides amazing benefits and makes them a preferable choice. They are fortified with powerful and unique antioxidants blends added from the highest quality so they are a wholesome snack for your pup . No artificial flavors, fillers, colors, chemicals, preservatives , wheat ,corn or soy. No added sugars or salt making them a healthy option for your special pup.

P.S. According to our highly qualified dog tasters :) Puppy Yummy dog treats taste great.