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Are all antioxidants supplements used in your treats are safe for my dog?

We only use antioxidant supplements with the highest quality we can possible find.

We, as dog owners, know how important good antioxidants are and what a huge difference they can make when used correctly as a compliment for any dog's diet .

All of the antioxidants supplements we use have been researched by scientists for years and are very well-known in the scientific community for their positive achieved results in promoting longevity. They are now a breakthrough in science and are also added to the best products in the dog's food industry.

The reason we've come up with this idea of adding them as an "extra help"- as we'd like to call it - is because we know how much dogs love treats and they need something healthy but still very tasty to eat . The additional cost will be all worth , when you see your dog showing signs of being healthier and more active. You will actually save in the end, because you'll reduce trips to the vet and be able to enjoy the company of your pet for many years to come.